Introducing Mackam® Sultaines for Personal Care Formulations

As the official distributor for Verdant in the UK and Ireland, we are excited to introduce Mackam® Sultaines, a high-performing range of amphoteric surfactants for personal care formulations.

Sultaines are known for their excellent skin compatibility and ability to boost foam volume, making them particularly valuable in formulations where consumer perception of richness and luxury is important, such as facial cleansers, shampoos and body washes.

What Sets Mackam® Sultaines Apart?

  • High Activity Levels: Mackam® Sultaines are high-active, functioning effectively at lower concentrations. This not only helps in reducing the overall cost of formulations but also lessens the environmental load, supporting the creation of more sustainable products.
  • Outstanding Mildness: The inherent mildness of Mackam® Sultaines reduces the risk of skin irritation, making them suitable for products targeting sensitive skin.
  • Superior Foaming: Compared to traditional betaines, Mackam® Sultaines produce richer, more stable foam, enhancing the sensory experience of personal care products.
  • Versatility in Formulations: Mackam® Sultaines are compatible with a wide range of other cosmetic ingredients, offering flexibility in product development.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Mackam® Sultaines are readily biodegradable, preservative-free and derived from renewable resources, aligning with the increasing demand for environmentally responsible ingredients.

The Full Range of Mackam® Sultaines

Mackam® CBS-50G E

INCI: Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

Readily biodegradable and derived from coconut oil, Mackam® CBS-50G E offers similar salt-thickening properties to Cocamide DEA. Stable over a wide pH range Mackam® CBS 50G E is compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants and can be used in place of Cocamidopropyl Betaine to boost flash foam. Suitable for cold processing and Prop 65-free applications, MACKAM® CBS 50G E exhibits high foaming even in high electrolyte solutions and is stable in 19% sodium hydroxide.

Mackam® 50-SB / Mackam® CBS

INCI: Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

MACKAM® 50 SB and Mackam® CBS are produced from a high grade of purified, hydrogenated coco fatty acid and are fully biodegradable. These Glycerine free, low colour and low odour grades provide superior viscosity building capabilities to Mackam® CBS-50G E and, when compared to cocamidopropyl betaine, provide better flash foam. Stable over the entire pH range in both hard and soft water, they have excellent lime soap dispersing properties.

Mackam® LSB-50

INCI: Lauramidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

Known for its enhanced foam properties, superior flash foam and improved viscosity building over similar betaines. Mackam® LSB-50 is fully biodegradable and derived from a high-grade lauric acid. Mackam® LSB-50 is highly compatible with surfactant systems and when in high concentrations of electrolyte, provides increased and more stable foam when compared to  Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine. Stable over the entire pH range in both hard and soft water Mackam® LSB-50 has excellent lime soap dispersing properties.

Mackam® LHS E

INCI: Lauryl Hydroxysultaine

Mackam® LHS E is a biodegradable high foaming product with excellent stability in both extreme acid and alkaline formulations. As Mackam® LHS E is stable in low pH systems, it is particularly suitable for AHA cleansers and neutralising shampoos. Compatible with virtually all other surfactants, Mackam® LHS E can be solubilised at 2-3% in 30-40% caustic soda solution.

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For more information on how Mackam® Sultaines can transform your product offerings, and to request product samples, please get in touch.

Discover the Natural Efficacy of the CareMag Range with HARKE UK

We are pleased to introduce personal care formulators to the CareMag® range from ICL, a series of natural, sustainable, and innovative ingredients derived from the mineral-rich waters of the Dead Sea – now available to our customers as part of a new distribution agreement with ICL.

The three primary product lines in the CareMag® range are CareMag® D, CareMag® M, and CareMag® B. Each is tailored to meet the specific needs of different personal care applications. We are also pleased to offer CareMag® ST and SB. 

Let’s take a closer look at the whole range:

CareMag® D – Natural Deodorant Base

CareMag® D is a ground-breaking ingredient for deodorant formulations. Offering a natural solution for odour control, it is perfect for those seeking to create products that are free from aluminium, triclosan, alcohol, and parabens. 

  • Derived from Dead Sea Minerals: uses natural magnesium compounds
  • Dual Action: reduces malodour through microbial growth control and sweat adsorption
  • Clinically Proven: over 40% malodour reduction after 24 hours
  • Skin-Friendly: hypoallergenic, dermatologically safe, and leaves a silky, dry feel without stains
  • Sustainable: certified by ECOCERT and conforms to the COSMOS standard, promoting environmentally friendly production methods

CareMag® M – Facial Care

CareMag® M addresses the increasing demand for natural and effective facial care solutions, particularly in face masks. Whether for rinse-off or peel-off applications, CareMag® M delivers significant benefits:

  • Sebum Control: reduces skin sebum and pore diameter
  • Skin Improvement: notable increase in skin smoothness and reduction in redness
  • Sensitive Skin Friendly: no reported sensitivity in dermatological tests
  • Natural and Heavy Metal Free: ensures a product that is both safe and environmentally responsible
  • High Performance: immediate effectiveness after the first application

CareMag® B – Nappy Rash Relief

For the delicate needs of babies, CareMag® B offers a safe and effective solution for nappy rash creams and ointments. 

  • Fast Acting: provides immediate relief and reduces erythema effectively
  • Gentle Formula: hypoallergenic and free from lead and other harmful substances
  • Enhanced Experience: easy to spread with improved sensorial properties and less staining on clothes
  • Certified Natural: achieves a natural index according to ISO 16128

CareMag® ST – Texturising

CareMag® ST is perfect for enhancing the texture and stability of cosmetic products, particularly in makeup formulas (both anhydrous and emulsion-based). It offers a thickening effect, improves the emulsion texture, and adds a smoothing effect that enhances the overall feel of makeup products. CareMag® ST boasts a Natural Origin index of 1, underscoring its pure and eco-friendly nature.

CareMag® SB – Powder Improvement

CareMag® SB enhances the feel and performance of powder-based formulations. It provides a blurring effect, acts as an opacifier, and delivers a matte finish, making it a valuable component of face powders, foundations, and other pigmented products. CareMag® SB also has a Natural Origin index of 1.

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Each product in the CareMag® range stands out for its natural composition, sustainability credentials, and innovative properties. So if you’re looking to formulate effective, safe, and environmentally friendly personal care products, you’ll find the CareMag® range a perfect addition to your ingredient toolkit. 

For more information, and to explore the possibilities with CareMag® ingredients, please get in touch with our friendly team.

Sinerga Product Launches from InCosmetics 2024

It was wonderful to see new innovations at InCosmetics in April, particularly from our own principal suppliers such as Sinerga. Here are the standout hair and skin care products talked about by Sinerga at InCosmetics 2024, proudly supplied by HARKE UK.

Natifoam: Highly Foaming Colour Protection

  • High foaming capability
  • Color protection for dyed hair
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Natural origin index: 0.99
  • Non-irritant, maintains hydrolipidic film
  • Suitable for skin and hair
  • Enhances sensory experience

Natifoam is a high-performing surfactant blend, ideal for formulators seeking eco-friendly and skin-friendly alternatives in personal care products. This blend, comprising Cocoyl Proline, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, offers a highly foaming solution that respects both the environment and the skin. 

Natifoam provides enveloping, dense, and lasting foam that enhances user experience without irritating the skin or altering its natural hydrolipidic film. 

Image source: Sinerga (showing how Natifoam’s generated foam lasts longer and is more stable than traditional SLES)

Particularly effective in colour protection, it helps maintain hair dye fastness, making it suitable for shampoos and other hair care products. Natifoam is derived from natural resources, ensuring a product that is not only biodegradable but also has a high natural origin index (0.99), aligning perfectly with the current market trends towards sustainability and gentle care​​.

Tricho-Solve: Complete Solution Against Hair Loss

  • Targets hormonal and inflammatory hair loss
  • Prolongs hair growth phase
  • Patented technology enhances bioavailability
  • Reduces DHT impact on follicles
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Proven efficacy in vivo and in vitro
  • Suitable for comprehensive hair care formulations

Tricho-Solve is a revolutionary ingredient designed to combat hair loss by addressing both hormonal and inflammatory triggers. This ingredient, incorporating Picea abies Extract, Cocoyl Proline, and Glycerin, utilises a patented technology that enhances bioavailability and efficacy. 

Tricho-Solve targets the hair growth cycle, prolongs the anagen phase, and mitigates the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the hair follicles, reducing hair thinning and loss. It also counters inflammation-induced hair disorders, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining scalp health and promoting hair growth. Its efficacy has been validated through various in vivo and in vitro tests, making it an essential component for hair care formulations aimed at preventing and treating hair loss​​.

Image source: Sinerga (showing improvement in the state of thinning hair after 90 days of treatment with Tricho-Solve) 
Image source: Sinerga (evaluating the state of thinning hair at each experimental time)

Up-Citrus Extract: Natural Essence Meets Upcycling Beauty

  • Derived from upcycled citrus peels
  • Rich in bioactive compounds
  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial
  • Boosts collagen synthesis and skin brightness
  • Promotes microbiome balance
  • Supports skin and hair health
  • Sustainable, with value-added from waste material

Up-Citrus Extract harnesses the power of upcycling, turning citrus peel waste from the food industry into a potent cosmetic ingredient. This extract, rich in bioactive compounds like Hesperidin and Naringenin, provides multifunctional benefits including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and skin-lightening properties. 

Ideal for formulations targeting skin and hair health, Up-Citrus Extract boosts collagen synthesis, enhances skin brightness, and ensures microbiome balance. 

In testing, Up-Citrus Extract (applied twice a day in a 3% emulsion) showed a statistically significant increase in the Collagen Index, with a peak of +18% after 7 days, confirmed by +14% after 14 days. This is shown in the ultrasound images below, where collagen fibres are shown in orange-yellow shades:

Image source: Sinerga 

Up-Citrus Extract’s upcycled origin not only makes it a sustainable choice but also adds value by contributing to a circular economy. This powerful ingredient is suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications, from anti-ageing treatments to energising and glowing skin care products​​.

What Next?

We are a full service partner offering formulation development, regulatory advice, sampling and testing. So get in touch today for more information about these exciting new ingredients from Sinerga, and let’s explore how they could transform your next formulation. 

New Ingredients from Syensqo at InCosmetics 2024 

We were excited to see so many new and innovative personal care ingredients being showcased at InCosmetics in April, especially from our own principal suppliers such as Syensqo. 

Here are some of the standout skin care and hair care products talked about by Syensqo at InCosmetics 2024, that we’re pleased to offer formulators:

Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB

Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB presents a natural, optimised alternative to non volatile silicones, offering equal sensory benefits without the environmental and build-up concerns associated with silicones.

Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB combines Isoamyl Laurate and Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil to deliver exceptional conditioning, lightness, and shine, suitable for all hair types. Its 1.0 Natural Origin Index (ISO 16128) rating and COSMOS certification underline its appeal to formulators seeking sustainable, high-performance ingredients for clean beauty applications.

Geropon® TC Clear MB

Geropon® TC Clear MB is an innovative liquid Cocoyl Taurate that offers unparalleled ease of handling and formulation flexibility. As a fully stable liquid at room temperature, it simplifies manufacturing processes by eliminating the need for pre-heating and extensive mixing. 

Ideal for various personal care products from body washes to toothpaste, Geropon® TC Clear MB enhances foaming properties and provides a balanced feel to hair and skin. Its stability across a broad pH range and its low environmental impact, with ultra-low salt content and RSPO MB certification, make it an excellent choice for sustainable and high-performance personal care formulations.

Mirataine® CET

Mirataine® CET, a high-performance cetyl betaine, is designed as an effective viscosity booster particularly for sulphate-free cleansing formulas. It serves as an efficient secondary surfactant and foam stabiliser, catering to a wide array of personal care applications including body washes, shampoos, facial cleansers, and liquid hand soaps. 

Mirataine® CET offers excellent stability across extreme pH environments and in the presence of bleach, ensuring robust performance in diverse formulations. It is supplied in a liquid form with a typical use level of 6-8% as supplied, providing ease of use for formulators looking to enhance product viscosity without compromising clarity or stability.

Mirataine® OMG MB

Mirataine® OMG MB is a cutting-edge emulsifier designed to create multisensory experiences in oil-based formulations. This powerful, EO-free emulsifier excels in forming clear polyol-oil gels that transform into oil or milk upon application, pushing the boundaries of traditional personal care products. 

Suitable for a wide range of applications including nourishing creams, cleansing gels, and hair care treatments, Mirataine® OMG MB allows for high oil loads while ensuring clarity and stability. Its exceptional sensory profile and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any formulator’s toolkit focused on innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Miranol® Ultra L28 ULS MB

Miranol® Ultra L28 ULS MB is an ultra-low salt Lauroamphoacetate that provides mild cleansing with excellent skin compatibility. This amphoteric surfactant is especially beneficial for formulators working on sulphate-free systems, as it aids in thickening and enhancing the sensory attributes of personal care products without the clarity and stability issues often associated with higher salt levels. Its effectiveness in low-irritant formulations makes it ideal for products targeting sensitive skin and scalp, reinforcing its utility in developing gentle yet effective personal care solutions.

Naternal™ Care Clear SGI

Naternal™ Care Clear SGI is a groundbreaking conditioning solution, tailored for clear formulations targeting low to medium hair damage. It stands out with its impressive sustainability credentials, being readily biodegradable and non-ecotoxic. 

Derived from 100% bio-sourced Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Naternal™ Care Clear SGI ensures superior conditioning from root to tip, both in wet and dry stages. It promises excellent detangling and softness without any build-up, making it a prime choice for formulators aiming to replace conventional polyquaterniums in their products.

What Next?

We are more than a supplier; we’re a full service partner offering formulation development, regulatory advice, sampling and testing. So get in touch today for more information about these innovative ingredients from Syensqo and let’s see how they could transform your next formulation.

Embrace Change With These Menopause Products

For many years women of menopausal age have expressed that they feel disregarded in the beauty and cosmetics industry, which, given that menopausal hormonal changes can significantly affect women’s skin and hair, is hugely disappointing. 

However, with this gap in the market clearly in strong demand, it’s great to see a positive trend emerging around the niche menopausal market, as formulators begin to focus on developing personal care products that are designed specifically to help women experiencing menopause. 

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Do Customers Understand the Skin Microbiome?

For businesses operating in the skincare industry, there is always a delicate balance to strike between communicating the science behind a product and outlining its benefits—without confusing the customer with biology jargon.

If you’re responsible for formulating or marketing skincare products you’re probably well aware of the importance of protecting the skin microbiome, but do your customers?

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Harnessing Extremophiles: The Adventurous World of Extreme Organisms in Cosmetics

The world of cosmetics is ever-evolving, with a constant quest for innovation and novel ingredients. One such fascinating area of exploration is the use of extremophiles within the cosmetics industry. 

Extremophiles are remarkable organisms that thrive in extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures, acidity, salinity, and pressure. Their unique adaptations have piqued the interest of the cosmetic world, as they hold the potential to revolutionise skincare and beauty products. In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of extremophiles and explore their applications in the world of cosmetics.

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