We were excited to see so many new and innovative personal care ingredients being showcased at InCosmetics in April, especially from our own principal suppliers such as Syensqo. 

Here are some of the standout skin care and hair care products talked about by Syensqo at InCosmetics 2024, that we’re pleased to offer formulators:

Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB

Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB presents a natural, optimised alternative to non volatile silicones, offering equal sensory benefits without the environmental and build-up concerns associated with silicones.

Dermalcare® AVOLIA MB combines Isoamyl Laurate and Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil to deliver exceptional conditioning, lightness, and shine, suitable for all hair types. Its 1.0 Natural Origin Index (ISO 16128) rating and COSMOS certification underline its appeal to formulators seeking sustainable, high-performance ingredients for clean beauty applications.

Geropon® TC Clear MB

Geropon® TC Clear MB is an innovative liquid Cocoyl Taurate that offers unparalleled ease of handling and formulation flexibility. As a fully stable liquid at room temperature, it simplifies manufacturing processes by eliminating the need for pre-heating and extensive mixing. 

Ideal for various personal care products from body washes to toothpaste, Geropon® TC Clear MB enhances foaming properties and provides a balanced feel to hair and skin. Its stability across a broad pH range and its low environmental impact, with ultra-low salt content and RSPO MB certification, make it an excellent choice for sustainable and high-performance personal care formulations.

Mirataine® CET

Mirataine® CET, a high-performance cetyl betaine, is designed as an effective viscosity booster particularly for sulphate-free cleansing formulas. It serves as an efficient secondary surfactant and foam stabiliser, catering to a wide array of personal care applications including body washes, shampoos, facial cleansers, and liquid hand soaps. 

Mirataine® CET offers excellent stability across extreme pH environments and in the presence of bleach, ensuring robust performance in diverse formulations. It is supplied in a liquid form with a typical use level of 6-8% as supplied, providing ease of use for formulators looking to enhance product viscosity without compromising clarity or stability.

Mirataine® OMG MB

Mirataine® OMG MB is a cutting-edge emulsifier designed to create multisensory experiences in oil-based formulations. This powerful, EO-free emulsifier excels in forming clear polyol-oil gels that transform into oil or milk upon application, pushing the boundaries of traditional personal care products. 

Suitable for a wide range of applications including nourishing creams, cleansing gels, and hair care treatments, Mirataine® OMG MB allows for high oil loads while ensuring clarity and stability. Its exceptional sensory profile and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any formulator’s toolkit focused on innovation and consumer satisfaction.

Miranol® Ultra L28 ULS MB

Miranol® Ultra L28 ULS MB is an ultra-low salt Lauroamphoacetate that provides mild cleansing with excellent skin compatibility. This amphoteric surfactant is especially beneficial for formulators working on sulphate-free systems, as it aids in thickening and enhancing the sensory attributes of personal care products without the clarity and stability issues often associated with higher salt levels. Its effectiveness in low-irritant formulations makes it ideal for products targeting sensitive skin and scalp, reinforcing its utility in developing gentle yet effective personal care solutions.

Naternal™ Care Clear SGI

Naternal™ Care Clear SGI is a groundbreaking conditioning solution, tailored for clear formulations targeting low to medium hair damage. It stands out with its impressive sustainability credentials, being readily biodegradable and non-ecotoxic. 

Derived from 100% bio-sourced Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Naternal™ Care Clear SGI ensures superior conditioning from root to tip, both in wet and dry stages. It promises excellent detangling and softness without any build-up, making it a prime choice for formulators aiming to replace conventional polyquaterniums in their products.

What Next?

We are more than a supplier; we’re a full service partner offering formulation development, regulatory advice, sampling and testing. So get in touch today for more information about these innovative ingredients from Syensqo and let’s see how they could transform your next formulation.

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