Introducing Mackam® Sultaines for Personal Care Formulations

As the official distributor for Verdant in the UK and Ireland, we are excited to introduce Mackam® Sultaines, a high-performing range of amphoteric surfactants for personal care formulations.

Sultaines are known for their excellent skin compatibility and ability to boost foam volume, making them particularly valuable in formulations where consumer perception of richness and luxury is important, such as facial cleansers, shampoos and body washes.

What Sets Mackam® Sultaines Apart?

  • High Activity Levels: Mackam® Sultaines are high-active, functioning effectively at lower concentrations. This not only helps in reducing the overall cost of formulations but also lessens the environmental load, supporting the creation of more sustainable products.
  • Outstanding Mildness: The inherent mildness of Mackam® Sultaines reduces the risk of skin irritation, making them suitable for products targeting sensitive skin.
  • Superior Foaming: Compared to traditional betaines, Mackam® Sultaines produce richer, more stable foam, enhancing the sensory experience of personal care products.
  • Versatility in Formulations: Mackam® Sultaines are compatible with a wide range of other cosmetic ingredients, offering flexibility in product development.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Mackam® Sultaines are readily biodegradable, preservative-free and derived from renewable resources, aligning with the increasing demand for environmentally responsible ingredients.

The Full Range of Mackam® Sultaines

Mackam® CBS-50G E

INCI: Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

Readily biodegradable and derived from coconut oil, Mackam® CBS-50G E offers similar salt-thickening properties to Cocamide DEA. Stable over a wide pH range Mackam® CBS 50G E is compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants and can be used in place of Cocamidopropyl Betaine to boost flash foam. Suitable for cold processing and Prop 65-free applications, MACKAM® CBS 50G E exhibits high foaming even in high electrolyte solutions and is stable in 19% sodium hydroxide.

Mackam® 50-SB / Mackam® CBS

INCI: Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

MACKAM® 50 SB and Mackam® CBS are produced from a high grade of purified, hydrogenated coco fatty acid and are fully biodegradable. These Glycerine free, low colour and low odour grades provide superior viscosity building capabilities to Mackam® CBS-50G E and, when compared to cocamidopropyl betaine, provide better flash foam. Stable over the entire pH range in both hard and soft water, they have excellent lime soap dispersing properties.

Mackam® LSB-50

INCI: Lauramidopropyl Hydroxysultaine

Known for its enhanced foam properties, superior flash foam and improved viscosity building over similar betaines. Mackam® LSB-50 is fully biodegradable and derived from a high-grade lauric acid. Mackam® LSB-50 is highly compatible with surfactant systems and when in high concentrations of electrolyte, provides increased and more stable foam when compared to  Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine. Stable over the entire pH range in both hard and soft water Mackam® LSB-50 has excellent lime soap dispersing properties.

Mackam® LHS E

INCI: Lauryl Hydroxysultaine

Mackam® LHS E is a biodegradable high foaming product with excellent stability in both extreme acid and alkaline formulations. As Mackam® LHS E is stable in low pH systems, it is particularly suitable for AHA cleansers and neutralising shampoos. Compatible with virtually all other surfactants, Mackam® LHS E can be solubilised at 2-3% in 30-40% caustic soda solution.

Find Out More

For more information on how Mackam® Sultaines can transform your product offerings, and to request product samples, please get in touch.

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