Snow foams have gained popularity not only in automotive detailing but also in various industries requiring effective cleaning solutions. Their ability to cling to surfaces and encapsulate dirt makes them a favourite among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

However, achieving the perfect snow foam formulation requires a careful selection of ingredients and expertise in formulation chemistry. In this blog, we delve into the world of snow foams and how collaborating with HARKE Chemlink can elevate your formulations using our range of speciality ingredients.

Understanding Snow Foams

Snow foams, also known as pre-wash foams or foam cannons, are high-foaming cleaning agents used primarily in automotive detailing. They are applied before the main wash to loosen dirt, grime, and other contaminants, making the cleaning process more efficient. Snow foams work by creating a thick foam that clings to the surface, allowing the cleaning agents to dwell and penetrate stubborn dirt, without the need for abrasive scrubbing.

Key Ingredients in Snow Foam Formulations

Formulating an effective snow foam requires a combination of surfactants, foam boosters, thickeners, and other specialty ingredients. HARKE Chemlink offers a diverse range of ingredients that can enhance the performance and aesthetics of snow foams across various applications, from car shampoos to industrial oven cleaning and TFRs.

Snow Foam 2

Chemlink’s Snow Foam 2 is a high-performance car shampoo formula engineered to deliver exceptional results. With a unique blend of ingredients, Snow Foam 2 creates an abundance of dense, sticky foam that, when applied using a venturi lance, transforms into a snow-like consistency. Snow Foam 2 powerfully lifts dirt, grime, and contaminants from the car surface, leaving behind a pristine finish. 

Key ingredients:

  • Linkpur OS Liquid
  • Mackamine CS
  • Mackam CBS-50G E 
  • Resquest ECO 
  • The Essential Lemon Fragrance DEV52492
  • Preventol BIT 20 N 

You can get in touch with our technical team for a full formulation and to find out more about key ingredients.

Abottoir Cleaner 14

Abottoir Cleaner 14 is a formidable contender in cleaning formulations, distinguished by its remarkable foaming properties and excellent adhesion to surfaces during the cleaning process. 

Key ingredients:

  • Caustil Pearl
  • Mackam CBS 50G E
  • Mackamine CS

Get in touch with our technical team for a full formulation and to find out more about key ingredients. 

Abottoir Cleaner 14 stands as a testament to efficient cleaning solutions, where high foam levels and superior surface adhesion combine to deliver unparalleled cleaning performance. 

Mackamine® CS from Verdant

Mackamine® CS (INCI: Cocamine Oxide) is a cornerstone ingredient in snow foam formulations, offering unparalleled foam boosting and stability. Its pure grade ensures consistent performance across various applications. 

Mackamine® CS excels in compatibility, seamlessly integrating with most surfactants without compromising efficacy. Notably, its resistance to hydrolysis in acid systems and stability in highly alkaline environments and even in the presence of hypochlorite bleach underscores its versatility and reliability. With a low level of free amine, Mackamine® CS maintains stringent quality standards, ensuring optimal results in snow foam formulations where foam density and stability are paramount. Whether in industrial, home, or personal care applications, Mackamine® CS proves indispensable, delivering exceptional cleaning performance with every application.

Mackamine® LA from Verdant

Mackamine® LA (INCI name: Lauramine Oxide) is a premium-grade ingredient derived from vegetable sources, renowned for its exceptional foam boosting and stability characteristics. 

Mackamine® LA exhibits remarkable versatility and reliability across various applications. Notably, its absence of amide or ester groups ensures resistance to hydrolysis in acid systems, while maintaining stability in highly alkaline environments and in the presence of hypochlorite bleach. This reliability extends to its use in industrial, home, and personal care applications, where Mackamine® LA consistently delivers optimal performance. With stringent quality standards and a clear liquid appearance, Mackamine® LA stands as a trusted choice for formulators seeking superior foam quality and stability in their formulations.

Mackam® CBS 50G E from Verdant

Mackam® CBS 50G E (INCI: Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine) stands out as a versatile zwitterionic surfactant for snow foam formulations, boasting stability across a wide pH range and compatibility with various surfactant types. 

Its exceptional ability to produce high foam levels, even in high electrolyte solutions, ensures consistent performance in challenging conditions. This innovative ingredient also offers foam synergy with common anionic surfactants, enhancing flash foam for superior cleaning efficacy. 

Mackam® CBS 50G E can also produce ‘sticky foams’, usually in a mixture with betaines or amine oxides. This is important in TFR formulations for cleaning high-sided trucks and double decker buses for example, as the foam is required to stick to a vertical surface. This is also valuable for industrial ovens and food production factory walls. 

Derived from coconut oil, Mackam® CBS 50G E demonstrates environmental responsibility while delivering water stability and efficient lime soap dispersing properties, making it an ideal choice for sustainable and high-performance snow foam formulations. 

Collaborating with HARKE Chemlink

Working with HARKE Chemlink opens up a world of possibilities for formulators seeking to create cutting-edge snow foam formulations. Our team of experts can provide technical support and guidance throughout the formulation process, ensuring that the final product meets the desired performance criteria. 

We also have an extensive portfolio of specialty ingredients to tailor your formulation to specific application requirements. Whether it’s achieving superior foam density, enhancing cleaning efficacy, or optimising cost-performance ratios, HARKE Chemlink’s ingredients offer versatility and reliability.

Snow foams remain essential in the automotive and cleaning sectors, providing a reliable and convenient method for cleaning vehicles and various surfaces. Get in touch with the team today to find out more about formulating with these powerful ingredients:

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