Embrace Change With These Menopause Products

For many years women of menopausal age have expressed that they feel disregarded in the beauty and cosmetics industry, which, given that menopausal hormonal changes can significantly affect women’s skin and hair, is hugely disappointing. 

However, with this gap in the market clearly in strong demand, it’s great to see a positive trend emerging around the niche menopausal market, as formulators begin to focus on developing personal care products that are designed specifically to help women experiencing menopause. 

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Do Customers Understand the Skin Microbiome?

For businesses operating in the skincare industry, there is always a delicate balance to strike between communicating the science behind a product and outlining its benefits—without confusing the customer with biology jargon.

If you’re responsible for formulating or marketing skincare products you’re probably well aware of the importance of protecting the skin microbiome, but do your customers?

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