Omyanutra® 300 is a range of highly compactable porous mineral excipients that have been specifically developed for nutraceuticals. Omya is a global leader in the production of industrial minerals, and these new generation excipients help to overcome and facilitate the various challenges that formulators face when developing nutraceutical tablets. This unique range has a mechanical binding and higher mechanical stability and gives formulators the ability to form hard tablets at a low compression force.

There are three grades of Omyanutra® 300 available; each one is non-GMO and free from nano-participles, made from high-purity minerals and designed to target different key areas of nutraceutical formulations. So let’s take a look at each grade in turn, identifying its features, benefits and what it can offer your formulations:

Omyanutra® 300

Omyanutra® 300 is a porous compactable excipient that’s composed of calcium carbonate and tribasic calcium phosphate and is designed to target the carrier functionality of an excipient. Its unique lamellar structure allows for higher moisture absorbance compared with other forms of its constituent minerals. Because of this, it performs as an outstanding glidant for powder blends. The particles reduce cohesivity and other interparticle interactions whilst absorbing moisture, therefore improving the flow blend and preventing caking.

In addition, Omyanutra® 300 particles can be loaded by impregnation with up to 40% crystalline actives and 60% liquids, converting liquids such as natural oils or herbal extracts into direct compressible powders.

The below graphics identify key benefits of Omyanutra® 300:

Omyanutra® 300 DC

Omyanutra® 300 DC is a direct compressible version of Omyanutra® 300. This excipient is based on functionalised calcium carbonate (FCC), is free-flowing and highly compressible, making it easier for formulators to manufacture tablets that have less variability in tablet weight and better compactability.

Omyanutra® 300 DC provides superior compactability when compared to lactose and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC). This high compactability increases mechanical stability, making tablets less friable. In addition, Omyanutra® 300 DC’s porous structure provides fast disintegration and enables easy carrying and release of actives.

Omyanutra® 300 Flash

Omyanutra® 300 Flash is an all-in-one solution for oral disintegration tablets (ODTs) and fast dissolving tablets (FDTs) with ultra-fast disintegration time, regardless of the hardness of the solid dosage form. It also provides faster onset of the therapeutic effect and improved customer convenience.

This excipient is based on functionalised calcium carbonate (FCC) and croscarmellose sodium and comes in a free-flowing, direct compressible powder. Its porous structure enables easy carrying and release of actives, and the addition of croscarmellose sodium means that blending the excipient with a disintegrant before tableting for fast disintegration is no longer necessary, providing a perfect solution for formulators looking for an all-in-one solution.

Formulating with Omyanutra® 300

Interested in learning more about the Omyanutra® 300 range? Then get in touch with our experienced technical team. We’ll talk you through each grade in more detail and provide personalised recommendations based on your specific formulation requirements. Ingredient samples are available, so be sure to ask us about those too! Simply fill in the contact form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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