Solvay’s increasingly popular Eureco™ range (which is based on PAP: 6-phthalimidoperoxyhexanoic acid) provides effective and sustainable washing solutions for a variety of industries.

It’s worth noting here that there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the use of PAP and its application, but the Eureco™ range is highly regarded for its excellent stain-removing capabilities (tackling some of the most stubborn stains such as tea, coffee, tomato and grass), its ability to eliminate malodour and kill germs, bacteria and fungi, all whilst remaining gentle on the skin. Eureco™ is also odourless and has an excellent eco-toxicological profile, with no chlorine or Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC) released into the environment.

There are various grades of Eureco™ available, but in this blog post, we’re focusing on the LX grades: ready-to-use liquids for consumer and professional applications.

A sustainable alternative to bleach

EURECO™ boasts excellent sustainability benefits and offers a highly effective alternative to bleach. Some of EURECO™’s key benefits include:

It can be used as a bleaching agent at a lower temperature, helping to reduce energy consumption.
There’s no need to add any activators, preservatives, neutralisers or alkalis (allowing professional sector operators to reduce their water consumption in the rinsing stage, therefore also reducing wastewater treatment needs).
Its compact formulation helps to reduce packaging size, which in turn reduces costs associated with both production and transportation.
When used in the washing processes it has a significant impact on the sustainability profile of the application and throughout extended washes it notably extends the lifespan of fibres and textiles.
It turns into a readily biodegradable non-peroxidic chemical, which poses no threat to the environment.
You can learn more about EURECO™ and its incredible sustainable profile via Chemlink’s technical department.

EURECO™ LX grades

As discussed above, EURECO™ has a variety of grades that are used across many different industries. In this post, we’re focusing on the three LX ready-to-use liquid grades that are made of a stabilised aqueous suspension of micronised PAP crystals, have a long shelf life and have been developed for household and/or professional laundry applications.


Described by Solvay as a ‘bleach booster for laundry’, EURECO™ LX10 is a 10% PAP suspension with medium-low viscosity. A highly versatile ingredient, it can be used as a ready-to-use additive for both white and coloured fabrics in the consumer and I&I laundry industries. It also acts as a low-temperature bleach, a de-stainer, deodoriser and a biocide, and because of its reduced viscosity, it provides ease of dosage benefits in the professional laundry sector. For further information and for access to product data sheets, please contact Chemlink’s technical department.


EURECO™ LX5 can also be used directly in domestic washing machines as a bleach booster. It works in a very similar way to EURECO™ LX10 and has the same key features and uses, but with a 5% PAP suspension with low viscosity. Please contact Chemlink’s technical department for further information and for access to EURECO™ LX5’s product data sheets.


Specifically designed for the I&I industry, EURECO™ LX17 is a low-temperature bleach with a 17% PAP suspension with medium viscosity. This highly effective ingredient enables the washing temperature to be reduced to 30–40°C, whilst also increasing textile lifespan. It can be used as a ready-to-use bleach and de-stainer additive in I&I laundry and a biocide for professional uses in the I&I industry. Find out more about EURECO™ LX17’s impressive capabilities and uses by contacting Chemlink’s technical department.

Eureco™ RP103

Although this blog is about the liquid detergent uses of PAP. It is worth noting that for powder systems, or use in solid formats such as laundry tablets and auto dishwasher tablets we have the coated granular grade Eureco™RP103.

Formulating with EURECO™

Our friendly, experienced and professional technical team are on hand to help with any formulation queries you may have regarding Solvay’s remarkable EURECO™ range. We’ll talk you through each grade in more detail and offer personalised recommendations that are tailored to your specific formulation goals. Simply fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch!

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