Introducing Rheozan® BLC: A New Era of Sustainability in Home Care

Introducing Rheozan® BLC: A New Era of Sustainability in Home Care

In the evolving landscape of home care products, sustainability and efficacy are paramount. HARKE UK is proud to introduce Rheozan® BLC, a groundbreaking solution from Syensqo that embodies both. As a 100% natural suspension agent, Rheozan® BLC offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical agents in various home care applications.

What is Rheozan® BLC?

Rheozan® BLC is a natural polymer, produced through a non-GMO biotech fermentation process. It utilises bacterial cellulose from the Komagataeibacter species, refined through stages of fermentation, purification, and activation. This innovative product forms a three-dimensional nanofibers network that enhances the suspension of particulates in concentrated surfactant formulas without altering the viscosity, a common challenge in traditional products.

Key Benefits of Rheozan® BLC

Enhanced Suspension Capabilities

Rheozan® BLC ensures stable suspension at a remarkably low active loading (~500 ppm) for various applications, such as fragrance capsules in laundry detergents. This strong suspension power is maintained without impacting the viscosity of the formulation, allowing for more aesthetic and functional flexibility in product design. Rheozan® BLC also stabilises low viscosity spray emulsions (like furniture polishes) and cream cleansers.

Compatibility and Versatility

Rheozan® BLC excels across a broad pH spectrum and is compatible with enzymes, making it an ideal choice for a variety of home care products. It comes in liquid form and is easy to incorporate with low-energy mixing, making it valuable for diverse formulations, from liquid laundry detergent to hand dishwashing liquids.

Sustainability at Its Core

Rheozan® BLC is not only 100% natural but also readily biodegradable. It meets upcoming EU regulations, including those concerning microplastics and biodegradability, making it a forward-thinking choice for brands committed to environmental responsibility.

Real-World Applications

From enhancing the functionality of laundry sanitizers by suspending high concentrations of fragrance capsules, to stabilising cream cleansers and low viscosity spray emulsions, Rheozan® BLC is transforming home care products. It also allows for the incorporation of visual cues like golden nylon particles or opacifiers, adding to the sensory and visual appeal of consumer products.

To learn more about how Rheozan® BLC can revolutionise your home care products, and to get more data on its various home care applications, contact us today.

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