Addi-tec are proud to announce that we are the UK suppliers of the world-leading antimicrobial additive, Sanitized®, for all hard surfaces and geotextiles.

What is Sanitized®?

Sanitized® antimicrobial additives are developed on a base of naturally antimicrobial silver particles and can be customised to include a variety of additional additives to provide resistance to a wider variety of microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, dust mites and pests.

The team at Addi-tec can help you combine Sanitized® with other active ingredients to provide resistance to a very wide variety of microbes, meaning your product has the leading-edge over the competition.

Sanitized® has been on the market for 80 years, but has largely been unknown to UK manufacturers and retailers, finding greater success in the marketplaces of Asia. However, with UK manufacturing experiencing a much anticipated revival, we’d love to tell you more about what Sanitized® can do for your products.

Imagine a kitchen sponge that never harbours bacteria, imagine a dustbin that never smells due to mold or bacteria, imagine your bathroom sealant product being completely resistant to microbes and mold! It’s easy to see how your end customers will pay a little extra for a product that reduces reliance on toxic cleaning product but ensures antimicrobial safety.

We believe that almost any product could benefit from using Sanitized® antimicrobial products, and luckily, there are delivery methods which make this entirely possible. Choose from liquid, paste, masterbatch or powder to add Sanitized® to your products. 

Why Marketers Love Sanitized®

When you purchase your antimicrobial additives from Sanitized®, you don’t only get the best product on the market, customised fo your product’s specific requirements, you get the support and knowledge of an 80 year established business too. 

The Sanitized® team are dedicated to making your Sanitized® products a success. They offer testing, so that you can wow your customers with the results; they’ll feature your product on their website and in their app, letting Sanitized® fans know that your Sanitized® product is now available; and they give you the POS materials you need to help communicate the benefits to your customers. Essentially you’re getting an improved product with a new USP and all the help you need to market that USP too. The Sanitized® team know their product and they know how best to help you sell it.

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