HARKE UK & Ireland are pleased to introduce Piramal Nutrition Solutions, a world-leading supplier of vitamins, to our customers this month.

Based in India with sites across the globe – including two UK sites, Piramal Nutrition Solutions are an exciting addition to the HARKE UK & Ireland supplier list. Primarily offering vitamins for Nutraceutical and Food formulations, their product list is extensive and we are pleased to now be able to offer this to our customers.


Why Piramal Vitamins Stand Out

Piramal vitamins are manufactured in pharmaceutical facilities, meaning the resulting products are of the highest standard. The manufacturing process must adhere to the strict quality standards held by the pharmaceutical industry, so the product you receive from Piramal is superior and has undergone stringent quality control checks.

On top of that they offer very efficient turnaround times on orders, resulting in an unrivaled level of service to our customers across the UK and Ireland.

They specialise in A, D, and E vitamins, which come in a variety of strengths, combinations and formats to suit your application. They offer oily forms, water miscible forms, cold water soluble powders, gelatin encapsulated powders / beadlets, and even micronutrient premixes/blends.

They have a substantial range of sought-after vegan vitamin options, and are adding more to their vegan portfolio this year – so watch this space!


Premix Vitamins

Piramal can design and develop premix blends of vitamins to suit your application.There are many benefits to this service, including:

  • Consistent batches
  • No need to order large quantities of components
  • No vitamin mixing required by you for your formulation
  • One single quality document to cover the premix
  • A more efficient option all-round if you plan to use multiple vitamins in a single application


Vegan Vitamins

Vegan-suitable vitamins are an important sector of the market at the moment, and Piramal are able to offer a very good range of vegan vitamins, including D3, with more to be added to their portfolio in the coming months. Contact us to discuss the range of vegan options. 


Formulate Your Nutraceutical Products With Us

Working with HARKE UK & Ireland you have access to technical experts in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical formulation, and we are happy to assist you with the development of your products. Our broad portfolio of ingredients and expertise means we can assist with as much or as little of your formulation development as required. 


Contact us now to book an initial consultation with our team.


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