Highly regarded as one of the leading experts in developing naturally-derived polymers for the beauty and hair care industry, Solvay strives for high quality ingredients that are not only great for consumers but great for the planet too.

Embracing biodegradability, Solvay has been working hard to develop biodegradable hair care ingredients that continue to offer outstanding performance and stability for the consumer. We would like to remind you, there are many types of ‘Biodegradability’, and you may wish to read our Overview Of Biodegradability to get a full picture of what we mean when we describe an ingredient as ‘Biodegradable’.


The Importance of Biodegradability

The demand for biodegradable ingredients is stronger than ever, as consumers continue to become more and more conscious about the products they’re using on their hair and how sustainable and green those products are.

Research shows that biodegradability is becoming an increasingly vital component of skincare, hair care and soap and bath products in the EMEA:

And Solvay is one of the key companies strongly committed to improving biodegradability in the beauty and hair care industry. Solvay’s global business development manager, beauty and oral care, Caroline Mabille discusses why it’s important to embrace biodegradability and covers Solvay’s Beauty for the Planet initiative.


Solvay’s Biodegradable Ingredients

As part of Solvay’s commitment to the development of biodegradable, high-performance ingredients, each polymer goes through stringent testing to assess its biodegradability. The company’s biodegradability score chart can be seen below.

Solvay’s global vice president for home and personal care Jean-Guy Le Helloco comments “we are constantly investing in innovation, technology, and developing our Jaguar® portfolio, and we have more innovations, such as next generation biodegradable polymers, on the horizon.”


Reformulating for Biodegradability

Formulators often find it challenging to meet consumers’ demands for products with better biodegradability without compromising on its quality or performance. However, Solvay overcomes this challenge – providing innovative hair care ingredients that are eco-friendly and biodegradable yet continue to achieve the desired performance.


If you’d like further information regarding Solvay’s products or reformulating for biodegradability in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our technical team. They’ll offer expert advice and can provide you with ingredient samples too.

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