Plantasens® Flash 80 and 100 are two powerful alternatives to light emollients like D5 and isohexadecane that make light work of satisfying green beauty trends.

With Plantasens® Flash, Clariant introduces a new technology for making cosmetic ingredients that enables the creation of extraordinary textures from natural materials. We take a look at the first two products using this groundbreaking method; Flash 80 and 100.

At a glance…

Plantasens® Flash 80 Plantasens® Flash 100
Benefits ●      Fast absorption in deodorants●      Super light after-feel in cleansing liquids

●      Perfect delivery of multi-functional ingredients

●      Better sensory, shine and volume in shampoos

●      Smoothness in body lotions, mousses and deodorants●      Radiant and luminous coverage in foundations

●      Uniform delivery of inorganic pigments and sun filters

●      Improved colour intensity and homogenous coverage in make-up formulations

Applications ●      Transparent micellar shampoo●      Deeply penetrating liquid crystal emulsions

●      Deodorants: stick, roll-on

●      Disciplining shampoo

●      Straightening conditioner

●      Smoothing masks, body lotions and mousses●      Face creams for a dewy look

●      Light sunscreen textures

●      High SPF protection

●      Foundation liquids

●      Lipstick formulations

●      Detangling lotion

●      Antiperspirants, deodorants


Plantasens® Flash 80: a weightless silicone substitute with weighty green advantages

Plantasens® Flash 80 is a lightweight emollient that combines fast spreading with a satin-like after-feel. It’s the perfect alternative to light emollients like D5. It provides short playtime, a luminous but not glossy film, weightless textures and comforting sensory characteristics.

Plantasens features

Skincare Applications

  • Perfectly matches the feel and spreadability of cyclopentasiloxane (D5)
  • Provides a volatile texture with a non-oily luminosity and soft finish
  • Imparts a superlight after-feel to cleansing liquids
  • Facilitates delivery of double-purpose functional ingredients
  • Ensures high-speed spreading and instant absorption in roll-on and stick deodorants

Haircare Applications

  • Efficiently enhances the feel, shine and volume in shampoos
  • Improves both dry and wet combing characteristics when compared to other silicones such as amodimethicone, dimethicone and D5
  • Also superior to C13–15 alkanes of Plantasens® Flash 100 in dry/wet combing
  • Outperforms silicones in dry combing tests when used in leave-in conditioner formulations.

Plantasens® Flash 100: extra playtime and an extra smooth and cozy after-feel

Plantasens® Flash 100 is a lightweight emollient combining fast spreading with airy textures. It replaces emollients like D5 and isohexadecane and is superbly suited for dry and sensitive skin. It provides a medium to long playtime and a luminous but not glossy film.

Plantasens features

Skincare Applications

  • Confers a highly attractive combination of volatility, prolonged playtime, smooth skin feel, pleasant texture and soft finish
  • Serves as an ideal replacement for petrochemical isohexadecane in face care and make-up
  • Aids in offering enhanced spreadability characteristics which provides a significant advantage to many personal care formulations.
  • Leaves a more pleasurable skin feel when compared to D5 and isohexadecane providing a smooth and extremely enjoyable sensory profile

Haircare Applications

  • Leads to better wet and dry combing than silicones when used in shampoos
  • Provides a longer-lasting conditioning effects than silicones in conditioners
  • Imparts exquisite softness to the hair and even more shine than achieved with silicones
  • Makes an excellent addition to hair care products formulated for sensory pleasantness and improved shine and volume

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