Improve the sensory profile and spreadability of your personal care formulations with Plantasens® Sensorial Butters.

Plantasens® Sensorial Butters offer a delightful sensory experience. Each one offers a very creamy texture for soft and smooth skin and is specially manufactured to enhance the sensory profile of a formulation thanks to its unique crystallization process.

What’s more, Plantasens® Sensorial Butters are Ecocert™ approved, meaning that they’re 100% plant origin, preservative free and GMO free.

You can choose from a large selection of sensorial butters, from avocado to apricot, or you can customise to your favourite vegetable oil.

But why use a butter over an oil? Butters offer the exact same benefits to both hair and skin care formulations whilst also offering a potential additional benefit of improving the stability of the formulation as well as the raw material itself.

The super-rich texture of Plantasens® Sensorial Butters is maintained during hot or cold process, and the unique crystallization process gives formulations an unctuous and creamy texture.

When used in hair and skin care formulations, these butters can offer very powerful effects in formulations for both hair and skin care, depending on the botanical origin.

Avocado Butter creates a butter that is ideally suited for many different skin types as it provides great hydration and smoothness to the skin whilst being quickly absorbed, leaving a matte finish.

Peach Butter poses properties that aid in the revitalization of skin whilst nourishing and hydrating the skin to encourage elasticity.

Apricot Butter enhances the formulation’s moisturisation factor whilst also helping to regenerate the skin.

Lime Butter is ideally suited to formulations that are predominately aimed at more oily skin types as the fatty acids aim in the normalization of the sebaceous glands whilst also being quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving a matte finish.

Blackcurrant Butter creates formulations that provide a soothing effect to particularly dry and sensitive skin types, by aiding in the regulation of the body’s natural inflammatory response.

Camelina Butter is naturally rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which help keep the skin looking bright and radiant whilst also aiding in reducing any inflammations. The Camelina oil used in the creation of the butter also offers great regeneration properties and leaves the skin feeling silky.

Olive Butter is naturally rich in essential fatty acids and unsaponifiables which makes it a highly effective moisturizing ingredient for many personal care formulations. This butter rapidly and readily absorbs into the skin, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Argan Butter has a natural affinity to the skin due to the composition of the oils in terms of the essential fatty acids contained within. Argan Butter rapidly penetrates the skin leaving a highly soft and smooth after feel whilst delivering a great emollient effect.

Sweet Almond Butter is naturally rich in anti-oxidants and Vitamin E. This makes it ideally suited for formulations which can be used every day without any potential for clogging the pores of the skin. In hair care formulations, Sweet Almond Butter can aid in bringing out the shine and smoothness in even the most damaged or brittle of hair types.

Grape Seed Butter is best suited to particularly oily skin types as it helps in unblocking pores of the skin with a light feel, leaving the skin smooth to the touch.

variety of fragrances available

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