Chemlink Specialities’ Principal, Solvay, have confirmed their new Miracare Soft S525 sulphate-free surfactant for hair care applications is now REACH registered for sale in the EU.

Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner formulations can be tricky. Plus finding a sulfate-free base which foams well and conditions – even damaged hair – to a good standard is a challenge that the Chemlink Specialities team have been involved with for years now. 

Formulating without sulphates is important when it comes to producing milder hair care products for both hair and scalp, especially for damaged hair. Miracare Soft S525 is an effective, sulphate-free ingredient for cold press systems with some remarkable attributes.


Properties of Miracare Soft S525 in a diagram

Key attributes include:

  • It’s easy to formulate with as it’s supplied as a shear-thinning, lamellar, flowable liquid which is easy to dilute and suitable for cold-process
  • Cold-processability makes this ingredient more energy efficient and adds an eco-friendly USP to the end product
  • It’s in a high-solid form (55-58%) cutting down on the weight, cost and carbon footprint of transportation, further adding to the eco-friendly USP
  • It can be combined with different anionics such as AOS, sulfosuccinate and taurate to adapt the feel of the end product


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