Clariant’s new COSMOS-approved ingredient activates Magnesium minerals from the Dead Sea and is ideal for formulators looking to create aluminium free deodorants.

Why aluminium free?

Traditional antiperspirants contain aluminium salts, which work to reduce the amount of sweat by forming temporary plugs in the pores. 

However, the trend for natural ingredients and global consumer demand for sustainable personal care products mean that many people are now looking for natural, skin friendly alternatives that work to remove odours without clogging pores. ‘Aluminium-free’ has therefore become a popular keyword with consumers looking for alternatives to traditional antiperspirants. 

Since 2013, the number of new product launches for deodorants with an ‘aluminium free’ claim has increased by 900%, and Dove’s September 2019 launch of an aluminium free deodorant range has seen great reviews and received awards in the US already. 

Why CareMag™ D?

Magnesium minerals are a highly effective ingredient for natural deodorants. They have antibacterial properties, slowing down the bacterial growth responsible for odour, as well as being renewable and eco-friendly. 

What’s more, the Magnesium minerals used in Clariant’s CareMag™ D have come all the way from the Dead Sea, developed into a novel patented molecule over years of intensive R&D!

dead sea

So if you’re looking to formulate a mineral deodorant, look no further. CareMag™ D allows formulation of deodorants without aluminium, alcohol or parabens, including roll-on, spray and powder formats. 

Coming as a fine white powder, CareMag™ D provides long lasting body odour protection. Its unique crystal structure is insoluble in water and provides long-lasting body odour reduction by controlling bacteria growth and absorbing sweat. 

In test conditions, 100g of CareMag™ D absorbed 83.2g of oil and 75g of water. So it’s brilliant at wicking away sweat and sebum. What’s more, it feels dry and velvety and doesn’t stain. 


  • Natural Deodorant 
  • Roll-on, Spray or Powder Deodorant
  • Deodorants for Sensitive Skin
  • Body Powder – odour control 
  • Foot Powder – odour control and friction relief
  • Sports Body Lotion – sweat control, irritation relief, muscle-calming
  • Alkaline Bath – soothing after sport

Formulating tips

This powerful ingredient is easy to incorporate into your formulations:

  • Suitable for both water-based and water-free formulations
  • Compatible with stearate salts 
  • Ideal for formulations with a pH around 10
  • Stable white colour
  • Usage level 5-20% 

We are pleased to supply the UK and Ireland. Ask the Chemlink Specialities team for example formulations or request a sample – simply get in touch with our technical team

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