Sinerga Product Launches from InCosmetics 2024

It was wonderful to see new innovations at InCosmetics in April, particularly from our own principal suppliers such as Sinerga. Here are the standout hair and skin care products talked about by Sinerga at InCosmetics 2024, proudly supplied by HARKE UK.

Natifoam: Highly Foaming Colour Protection

  • High foaming capability
  • Color protection for dyed hair
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Natural origin index: 0.99
  • Non-irritant, maintains hydrolipidic film
  • Suitable for skin and hair
  • Enhances sensory experience

Natifoam is a high-performing surfactant blend, ideal for formulators seeking eco-friendly and skin-friendly alternatives in personal care products. This blend, comprising Cocoyl Proline, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, and Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, offers a highly foaming solution that respects both the environment and the skin. 

Natifoam provides enveloping, dense, and lasting foam that enhances user experience without irritating the skin or altering its natural hydrolipidic film. 

Image source: Sinerga (showing how Natifoam’s generated foam lasts longer and is more stable than traditional SLES)

Particularly effective in colour protection, it helps maintain hair dye fastness, making it suitable for shampoos and other hair care products. Natifoam is derived from natural resources, ensuring a product that is not only biodegradable but also has a high natural origin index (0.99), aligning perfectly with the current market trends towards sustainability and gentle care​​.

Tricho-Solve: Complete Solution Against Hair Loss

  • Targets hormonal and inflammatory hair loss
  • Prolongs hair growth phase
  • Patented technology enhances bioavailability
  • Reduces DHT impact on follicles
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Proven efficacy in vivo and in vitro
  • Suitable for comprehensive hair care formulations

Tricho-Solve is a revolutionary ingredient designed to combat hair loss by addressing both hormonal and inflammatory triggers. This ingredient, incorporating Picea abies Extract, Cocoyl Proline, and Glycerin, utilises a patented technology that enhances bioavailability and efficacy. 

Tricho-Solve targets the hair growth cycle, prolongs the anagen phase, and mitigates the effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) on the hair follicles, reducing hair thinning and loss. It also counters inflammation-induced hair disorders, providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining scalp health and promoting hair growth. Its efficacy has been validated through various in vivo and in vitro tests, making it an essential component for hair care formulations aimed at preventing and treating hair loss​​.

Image source: Sinerga (showing improvement in the state of thinning hair after 90 days of treatment with Tricho-Solve) 
Image source: Sinerga (evaluating the state of thinning hair at each experimental time)

Up-Citrus Extract: Natural Essence Meets Upcycling Beauty

  • Derived from upcycled citrus peels
  • Rich in bioactive compounds
  • Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial
  • Boosts collagen synthesis and skin brightness
  • Promotes microbiome balance
  • Supports skin and hair health
  • Sustainable, with value-added from waste material

Up-Citrus Extract harnesses the power of upcycling, turning citrus peel waste from the food industry into a potent cosmetic ingredient. This extract, rich in bioactive compounds like Hesperidin and Naringenin, provides multifunctional benefits including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and skin-lightening properties. 

Ideal for formulations targeting skin and hair health, Up-Citrus Extract boosts collagen synthesis, enhances skin brightness, and ensures microbiome balance. 

In testing, Up-Citrus Extract (applied twice a day in a 3% emulsion) showed a statistically significant increase in the Collagen Index, with a peak of +18% after 7 days, confirmed by +14% after 14 days. This is shown in the ultrasound images below, where collagen fibres are shown in orange-yellow shades:

Image source: Sinerga 

Up-Citrus Extract’s upcycled origin not only makes it a sustainable choice but also adds value by contributing to a circular economy. This powerful ingredient is suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications, from anti-ageing treatments to energising and glowing skin care products​​.

What Next?

We are a full service partner offering formulation development, regulatory advice, sampling and testing. So get in touch today for more information about these exciting new ingredients from Sinerga, and let’s explore how they could transform your next formulation. 

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