A sun-kissed appearance has continued to grow in popularity in Europe and America over the last 100 years, with designer Coco Chanel accidentally setting off a tanning trend in the early 1920s.

Having a tanned complexion is often seen as a way to improve your appearance and enhance your mood, with a survey by Imedeen recording that 57% of women felt more confident, attractive and slimmer when they had a tan.

Skin damage and skin cancer risk

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of sun exposure and UV radiation, and the associated risks of developing skin cancer – whether it’s from sunbathing or sunbeds. Therefore, it’s no surprise that many consumers are actively making the switch from a natural sun tan to sunless, UV-free alternatives.

The European trend for sunless, UV-free tanning products

According to Stellar Market Research, in 2021 the self-tanning products market was dominated by Europe, which had a market share of over 35%. The company’s analysis identified that many European consumers were taking a significant shift away from natural tanning, with a higher demand now placed on sunless, UV-free alternatives. These types of tanning products are likely to continue to contribute to the development of the self-tanning products market, with the European market predicted to grow at a CAGR of over 4% by 2027.

Sunsafe-DHA tanning agent

As its name suggests, Sunsafe-DHA by Uniproma is a sunless tanning agent, which is by far the most popular agent of its type – and the only one currently approved by the FDA. This successful ingredient has been used in self-tanning formulations for the last 50 years and works by creating a Maillard reaction with the amines, peptides and free amino acids in the skin; therefore producing a brown pigment and a sun-tanned appearance. It’s water soluble and originates from a natural source, as DHA is a 3-carbon sugar that’s involved in the carbohydrate metabolism of animals and higher plants.

Key properties:

  • INCI name: Dihydroxyacetone
  • Chemical structure:
  • Suitable for bronze emulsion, bronze concealer and self-tanning spray applications
  • Comes in a white powder
  • Purity of 98% min
  • Water soluble
  • Dosage of 3-5%

For further in-depth information regarding Sunsafe-DHA, please visit the Uniproma website.

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