‘Skinification’ isn’t just the latest fad; it’s a hugely popular movement that’s here to stay! This exciting approach to hair care values the importance of looking after your scalp, in the same way you do for your skin using similar skin care ingredients. More and more consumers and formulators are acknowledging that the scalp plays a vital factor in overall hair health – because when your scalp is looking its best, your hair is too!

Hair care formulators are therefore now on the lookout for innovative scalp care ingredients that can deliver stunning overall results. Let’s take a look at some of our principals’ leading ingredients that can help you formulate with skinification in mind.

Octopirox® by Clariant

This is a skin-friendly anti-dandruff active ingredient that’s particularly suitable for the manufacture of hair care products such as shampoos and hair care products such as hair tonics and cream rinses with an anti-dandruff action. It is extremely easy to formulate, enabling stable formulations with no effort. Octopirox® is one of the most powerful, cosmetically sound antifungals on the market and controls the growth of microorganisms effectively, directly targeting the cause of dandruff. It is fast becoming the market leader in antidandruff formulations.

Key properties:

  • Grades suitable for oil or water based formulations
  • Easy to formulate with
  • Works well at low inclusion levels
  • Broad range effect
  • Suitable to carry a wide variety of actives as an efficacy booster

Undecilenoyl Soy Polypeptide by Sinerga

A functional lipoproteic surfactant derived from undecylenic acid and hydrolised soy protein. Undecylenic acid is an anti-fungal agent used in many over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments.

Key properties:

  • Six times more effective as an anti-fungal than caprylic acid
  • Effective in maintaining a healthy balance of flora
  • Shows a statistically significant decrease in sebometry values after three weeks use


Tiolisina® Complex 30 PF by Sinerga

This is a unique and stable combination of Carboxymethyl Cysteinate and Lysine Thiazolidine Carboxylate with sebonormalising activity for skin and anti-dandruff properties for hair and scalp.

Key properties:

  • Cysteine acts as a sebum normaliser
  • Thiazolidine is able to act specifically on the Lipase – backed up by test results
  • Able to reduce the bacterial load of M.furfur by 69.23% after 24h contact


Abietoyl Soy Polypeptide by Sinerga

Derived from hydrolised soy protein and abietic acid from the resin of Canadian balsam, this multifunctional active surfactant demonstrates a statistically significant decrease in sebometry values after three weeks of use.

Key properties:

  • Suitable for ‘green’ formulations, COSMOS certified, China approved
  • High sebonormalising properties for hair and skin
  • Cleanses skin and hair gently but effectively without being too aggressive or over-stripping the protective surface oils

Revolutionise your scalp care formulations

If you’d like to find out more about the skinification movement or about formulating with this in mind, please get in touch with our technical team via the contact form below. Our knowledgeable team can provide further information about each of the ingredients listed above, advise you on the most appropriate ingredient for your specific formulation, as well as provide you with samples to try.

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