On the 27th May our Head Of Pharma UK and Ireland, Shilpa Mistry, will be presenting a webinar in the latest series published by the team at Making Pharma.

With last month’s annual Making Pharma UK cancelled we understand that you haven’t had the opportunity to speak with us about your pharmaceutical ingredient and formulation requirements. So we’re pleased we are able to contribute to Making Pharma’s webinar series this month.

Shilpa will be discussing ODT (Oral-Dispersible-Tablet) formulation challenges and taking your questions live during the webinar.

Featured Products

In this webinar we will be introducing you to the following products:

  • HiSORAD™ HSR-D03 – a state-of-the-art co-processed excipient for orally disintegrating tablets designed to have well-balanced property between oral disintegration time and tablet hardness
  • galenIQ™ – a highly functional filler-binder that stands out for its well-balanced sweetness that reduces the bitter taste of APIs and helps to mask the unpleasant taste of ingredients such as plant extracts
  • L-HPC – is a dual excipient which has disintegrant and binding properties. It is highly stable as it is peroxide free and with low water activity. L-HPC can be used to ensure that your ODT has a fast disintegration time and is a high-quality stable tablet
  • SmartEx™ – a new co-processed excipient specifically designed for ODT. There are two grades for this excipient to meet your requirements; fast disintegration and hard tablets. This product can also be used for immediate release tablet formulations by direct compression. It can also speed up the formulation development of the product.

About Making Pharma Webinars

Making Pharma began publishing their live (and View On Demand) webinars recently and have put together a great line up over the next few weeks. 

You can find the webinar series here.

You can always View On Demand, but by attending the live webinars you are also able to ask questions and participate in polls during the webinar.

Register To Attend Shilpa’s Webinar

Shilpa will be one of three speakers hosting the webinar on 27th May 2020 at 2pm (GMT), speakers and topics for this session:

  • API Supplier Qualification and how to make your Change Control more meaningful – by Nick Carter, Wessex Fine Chemicals
  • To overcome challenges when formulating Oral-Dispersible-Tablets – by Ms. Shilpa Mistry, Chemlink Specialities (Harke Pharma)
  • How to select activated carbon for pharmaceutical applications – by Karla Noortman, Cabot in conjunction with Brenntag

You can register by completing the form here.

If you have any follow-up questions for Shilpa, or would like to book in a virtual meeting about ODT formulation or any other pharmaceutical excipients, please complete the form below and she will be in touch with you to arrange a meeting.

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