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Surfa Tech

Surfa Tech is committed to producing green, environmentally friendly ingredients that are biodegradable and microplastic-free.

Their goal is to help pave the way towards a more sustainable future, one that moves away from plastics and towards naturally derived polymers made from renewable resources and without harmful catalysts and solvents.

Latest News About Surfa Tech

CosmoSurf® from SurfaTech

SurfaTech is committed to protecting our oceans, using their patented molecular technology to create ingredients that are plastic free, coral reef safe and biodegradable. Their CosmoSurf® range is a great
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SurfaTech Helping To Save The American Chestnut Tree

For around 40 million years the American Chestnut Tree (Castanea dentata) dominated the forests of eastern America in its billions, often growing to heights of over 100 feet and with
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Suncare Formulation Trends

Our technical team look at suncare formulation trends for the next few years to help you formulate sunscreens and suncreams that meet changing consumer demands. We also share a sunscreen
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