If you’re looking to enter the new long-lasting disinfection business, this new product from Solvay could be your key.

COVID-19 has shifted the traditional detergent cleaner market, as customers are now looking for long lasting antimicrobial protection as well as cleaning power. According to Mintel, antibacterial claims for hard surface care products launched in Europe have grown over 140% between Q1 2020 and Q3 2020, and existing products on the market have been stretched to capacity this year. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Actizone™, a new solution from Solvay that offers long lasting disinfection technology. 

About Actizone™


Actizone™ technology traps antimicrobial actives to form an invisible protective film that won’t erode after repeated touch, guarding surfaces against recontamination for 24 hours as actives remain continuously available. 

Multipurpose disinfectant cleaners with Actizone™ technology provide consumers with expected fast kill of bacteria, yeast, and viruses, including the coronavirus. They also deliver a superior cleaning experience, providing excellent shine and a residue-free finish on a range of surfaces, including laminate, polycarbonate, glass and steel.

Actizone™ technology is compliant with the most stringent testing standards, including US-EPA RSS Residual Self Sanitizing Test and BSI PAS 2424 Residual Antimicrobial Efficacy Test. 

Try Actizone

Actizone™ F5 conc. is a ready to dilute 6x concentrate bringing all Actizone™ benefits to customers with a guaranteed 24h disinfection claim as evaluated according to the US-EPA RSS Residual Self Sanitizing Test.

  • Concentrate system, 6-1 dilution
  • Excellent cleaning, disinfection and 24 hour surface protection
  • Authorised for use as biocide in France, Germany, UK and Austria with more to follow
  • PT2 and PT4 approved disinfection
  • Passes EN1276, EN13697 and EN14476 (tested effective against coronavirus)

Contact us for the technical data sheet for Actizone™ F5 conc. or to request a sample. We’re also happy to answer any other questions you may have:

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