Household, industrial and institutional cleaning is high on the agenda right now, so there’s a real opportunity for HI&I formulators to create something special by using unique and high quality fragrances.

Fragrance has strong connections with wellness for many consumers – it has been scientifically proven that scent can positively affect mental health, and this impact spans far beyond personal fragrance. Olfactory experiences can lift the mood, provide nostalgic relief and even transport us to far-flung places in our minds.

So where will you be transporting your customers next? Get inspired by these cost-effective, technically robust and high performance fragrances from Industrial Fragrances.

The Spa Collection

Add a sense of peace, tranquility and luxury to your HI&I products with fragrances such as Ginseng, Aloe & Cucumber and Himalayan Bamboo:

Spa Collection - Industrial Fragrances

The Food & Bakery Collection

Get that delicious, freshly baked smell with fragrances such as Red Velvet, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Mince Pie:

Food and Bakery - Industrial Fragrances

The Christmas Collection

Get festive with your cleaning products by using comforting, warming fragrances such as Christmas Fireplace, Spiced Apple and Winter Fir:

Christmas Collection - Industrial Fragrances

The Essential Collection

Sometimes simple is best! Find your favourite from fragrances such as Orchard Fruits, Floral Bouquet and Fresh Linen:

Essential Collection - Industrial Fragrances

Get In Touch

All these fragrances are cost-effective, technically robust and high performance, available in both oil soluble and water soluble forms. We’d be happy to advise on quantities and pricing.

For more information, contact your Chemlink Specialities representative, give us a call, or use the form below:

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