Clariant’s regular beauty trends update was delivered by webinar last week, and focused on three key personal care trends: Fantasy Formulations, Embracing Ageing, and Active Beauty.

If you missed this webinar we have made the formulation booklet available via this link.

Fantasy Formulations

Fantasy provides a necessary relief from stressful times, and so far 2020 has definitely been stressful worldwide. Another reason Fantasy Formulations are set to be popular this year is that our lives are becoming increasingly digital – accelerated only by the pandemic – and consumers are looking for more dynamic sensorial experiences. Three example formulations were shown to suit this trend.

Insta-Ready Smoothing Primer Jelly

Bounce-tastic jelly formula that works as a primer. This bouncy jelly-like formula ensures make up goes on fawlessly and it’s packed with hydrating and collagen-boosting actives to improve your complexion long-term.• Jelly texture with fun memory form

• Grip effect for optimized make up application

• Easy to apply evenly

• Fresh sensation while applying

Clariant ingredients include:

  • Aristofex® Velvet which is a rheology modifier and is providing the jelly texture and a sublime sensory experience that offers a rich, melting feeling on the skin

Cosmic Glitter Hair & Body Gel

Head-turning glitter gel with hair and skin benefits. As well as moisturizing skin and stimulating hair stem cells to prevent hair loss, this lightweight gel infuses face, body and hair with glitter that creates a head-turning strobing effect.• Clear glitter effect

• Easy to apply evenly

• Easy to rinse-off

• Fun formulation

• Minimal glitter fallout

• Benefits for hair and skin: prevents hair loss & hydrates skin

Clariant ingredients include:

  • Aristofex® TAC a rheology modifier to enable particle suspension without viscosity, this ingredient is also entirely cold processable

Crushed Candy Exfoliating Cubes 

Moisturizing and cleansing cube that melts onto your skin to detoxify and exfoliate.Bringing a playful new ritual to body care, one waterless cube is enough to exfoliate and nourish your whole body, transforming into a creamy foam that leaves skin silky and glowing.

• Transformative texture

• High RCI of 96%

• Waterless formulation

• Delightful sensory and after feel

• Free-from sulfates, silicones and synthetic fragrances

• Contains COSMOS™ ingredients

Clariant ingredients include:

  • Plantasens® Emulsifier HP30 an holistic, natural emulsifier which enables the solid format. COSMOS™ approved
  • GlucoTain® Plus, a mild sugar-based surfactant that creates a rich, dense and creamy foam which provides deep cleansing with non-dry after feel. COSMOS™ approved
  • GlucoTain® Sense also a sugar and sunflower oil-based surfactant / conditioning agent providing superior skin feel and refatting effect that also helps stabilise the foam COSMOS™ approved
  • Plantasens® Emulsifier SFO a sunflower-based emulsifier, suitable for a wide range of leave-on and rinse-off formulations. GMO-free and COSMOS™ approved
  • Refined Murumuru Butter a moisturiser particularly suited to dry skin

Embracing Ageing

‘Anti-Ageing’ is perhaps one of the longest standing, consistent personal care trends in the world. But ‘anti-ageing’ has a lot of negative connotations, there are plenty of things to celebrate when it comes to ageing. And with the 40+ population who would usually be the anti-ageing target market more active than ever on digital platforms as well as the social movement towards celebrating real people, now is the time of pro-ageing products. We’re seeing women embrace their natural grey hairs, their laughter lines and their changing bodies, appreciating their ageing and not wishing to hide it.

Embracing ageing focuses on renewal, regeneration and radiance.

Illuminating Silver Hair Nectar

Volumizing leave-in hair nectar with antioxidant protection. This light hair nectar illuminates naturally grey hair while plumping each strand to create a look that is full of vitality. It also helps shield hair from the sun’s damaging effects.• Boosts hair volume and shine

• Leaves no residue or greasiness

• Helps preserve hair long-term

• Vegan

• Free-from silicones

Clariant ingredients include:

  • Plantasens® Emulsifier HE 20 naturally sourced and provides innovative texture while also simplifying your formulation chassis. COSMOS™ approved
  • Genadvance® Life a conditioning agent effective on fine or limp hair to deliver volume and shine
  • Velsan® Flex an effective and water soluble natural origin preservative booster. COSMOS™ approved

Complete Radiance System: Soothing, Plumping, Nourishing Ampoules 

Trio of ampoules packed with actives that tackle various mature skin concerns.Formulated specifically for mature skin, these ampoules target different complexion concerns. The Soothing Ampoule reinforces the skin barrier to counter irritation, the Plumping Ampoule boosts collagen synthesis to improve skin firmness and elasticity, and the Nourishing Ampoule is an oil-based antioxidant formula that leaves skin soft and smooth.

• Soothing Ampoule: Anti-irritation, soothing

• Plumping Ampoule: Boosts elasticity

• Nourishing Ampoule: Hydrating

• Long-term skin benefits (antioxidants, protects skin)

• Includes COSMOS™ ingredients

• Soothing and Plumping Ampoules are free-from sulfates, silicones, synthetic fragrances and colorants

Clariant ingredients include:

  • Aristoflex® Silk (soothing Ampoule) a rheology modifier providing a silky skin feel
  • Aristoflex® Velvet (Plumping Ampoule) a rheology modifier which offers a velvety, non-drying feel while enabling the stabilisation of particles (in this case gold flakes)
  • Aristoflex® BLV (Plumping Ampoule) a rheology modifier which imparts an elegant, rich skin after feel and acts as a polymeric emulsifier for low viscous formulations
  • Plantasens® Carefeel Light (Nourishing Ampoule) a super light emollient for easy spreading and fast absorption
  • Plantasens® Olive LD (Nourishing Ampoule) a transparent and odourless emollient which is a suitable natural alternative to dimethicone and is highly stable against oxidation
  • Plantasens® Carefeel Comfort (Nourishing Ampoule) a blend of natural seed oils, this emollient nourishes the skin and acts as a moisturiser
  • Plantasens® Olive Squalane (Nourishing Ampoule) an emollient derived from olives to protect from moisture loss and prevent oxidation of skin fats. COSMOS™ approved

Active Beauty

A continuing trend, Active Beauty is set to see some new challenges in the coming years. The idea of an active lifestyle has been modified by the pandemic. With gyms closed and likely to become a less popular venue for exercise, and transmission risks reduced outside – the outdoors is calling!

In addition, pocket size, easy application is important to consumers who are looking for quick solutions on-the-go.

Fight The Frizz Hair Stick 

Easy hair touch-ups on-the-go.Designed to instantly tame frizz and flyaways while adding a healthy shine to hair, this portable stick is ideal after a workout or for quick touch-ups on the move.

• Stick format

• Glides on hair easily

• No residue or greasiness

• Conditions and hydrates hair • Vegan

• Free-from silicones

Clariant ingredients include:

  • Plantasens® Cosmetic Wax A5 derived from hydrogenated vegetable oil, this structuring agent enables the formulation to act as a solid with an excellent consistency factor. COSMOS™ approved
  • Genamin® BTMS this conditioning agent offers softening and antistatic properties without any greasiness or residue
  • Plantasens® VP 170 an emollient which is a great natural alternative to petroleum which acts as an intensive moisturiser. COSMOS™ approved
  • Plantasens® Olive Squalane an emollient which provides a premium silky feel, derived 100% from olives. COSMOS™ approved

Get Even Tinted Mineral SPF30 Stick

Urban protection & glow. This pocket-size SPF30 stick fuses skin care and cosmetic bene ts, combining antioxidant properties and mineral UV filters with tinted pigments, which lends lightweight coverage to even out the skin tone.• Stick format

• Glides on skin easily

• Even coloration, natural look

• Non greasy

• No white cast typical of mineral UV  filters

• Free-from silicones

 Clariant ingredients include:

  • Plantasens® Cosmetic Wax A5 derived from hydrogenated vegetable oil, this structuring agent enables the formulation to act as a solid with an excellent consistency factor. COSMOS™ approved
  • Plantasens® Abyssinian Oil an emollient which acts as a pigment solubilizer but also nourishes and hydrates the skin. COSMOS™ approved
  • Plantasens® Olive LD also acting as a pigment solubilizer, this emollient is a natural alternative to a silicone and provides a premium after feel
  • Plantasens® Flash 80 an emollient which provides a dry finish
  • Nipaguard® SCS this easy to use preservative is a highly effective alternative to parabens and is highly efficacious at lower active preservative concentrations

Clariant also have a wide range of traditional UV absorbers on their Eclipsogen range, please feel free to contact us for more details.

If you’d like to receive the product sheets for any ingredients mentioned here please contact us on the form below. In addition if you’d like to discuss these trends and how you can formulate for 2020-21 please contact our team to book in a virtual trends meeting.

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