Chemlink suppliers, Carrubba, have over 500 botanical extracts, flavours and fragrances in their range. Each year they study the current fragrance and flavour trends to bring us industry insight which we use to help guide our formulations.

So what’s on-trend?

Unsurprisingly natural, green and plant-based made this year’s trend list. This is in-line with trends that we’re seeing elsewhere in the cosmetic and personal care markets, with consumers looking for natural, eco-friendly and environmentally sympathetic products.

A neighbouring trend we’ve seen a lot this year so far is health, consumers are looking for duel purpose, they want their products to work harder and offer health benefits in addition to the usual features.

Gender neutral and androgyny is a big trend set to get bigger, consumers are looking more closely at gender-specific marketing and gender-targeted products and opting for something more subtle that speaks to them as a person, not a gender.

And finally, ‘experiential’ remains a strong fragrance trend throughout 2018. The idea that a fragrance can evoke a moment or a place, trigger an emotion, and can be irreverent and playful.

Today we’d like to share the 2018 fragrance trend report with you. It’s free, and all you have to do is click the picture below to download the PDF.

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