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Verdant is committed improving people’s lives through the use of chemistry. Their world-class surfactant-based solutions have been utilised by some of the world’s leading consumer brands. 


Latest News About Verdant

Introducing Mackam® Sultaines for Personal Care Formulations

As the official distributor for Verdant in the UK and Ireland, we are excited to introduce Mackam® Sultaines, a high-performing range of amphoteric surfactants for personal care formulations. Sultaines are
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Enhance Snow Foam Formulations with These Standout Ingredients

Snow foams have gained popularity not only in automotive detailing but also in various industries requiring effective cleaning solutions. Their ability to cling to surfaces and encapsulate dirt makes them
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Mackam® JEM From Verdant: A Plant-Powered Amphoteric Wetting Agent

In the ever-evolving landscape of chemical formulations, Verdant’s Mackam® JEM emerges as a beacon of innovation. This high-performance amphoteric wetting agent is crafted from plant-based raw materials, presenting a sustainable
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