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Sinerga, a pioneering force in the cosmetic industry, excels in providing innovative and sustainable solutions.

Renowned for their exceptional actives, plant-origin emulsifiers, and versatile functional ingredients, Sinerga embodies a commitment to green practices. Their mild surfactants with vegetable origins and microbial inhibitors showcase dedication to gentle yet effective formulations.

With a core philosophy centred on sustainability, Sinerga stands out as a reliable partner for those seeking high-quality, environmentally conscious solutions in the realm of cosmetic and personal care products.

Latest News About Sinerga

Amino Keratin by Sinerga: Revolutionise Your Next Hair Care Formula

HARKE UK is thrilled to introduce Amino Keratin by Sinerga, an exciting ingredient that is setting new standards in the personal care industry.  Amino Keratin is a vegan alternative to
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Sinerga Product Launches from InCosmetics 2024

It was wonderful to see new innovations at InCosmetics in April, particularly from our own principal suppliers such as Sinerga. Here are the standout hair and skin care products talked
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Sinerga Hair Care: Solutions for Every Need

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and personal care, hair care remains a vital segment where innovation meets necessity. We are pleased to showcase Sinerga’s comprehensive range of hair care
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