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Shin Etsu

Shin-Etsu Chemical is a prominent chemical manufacturer with four main business segments to serve as a pillar within the industry.

Their products have a wide range of applications, including construction, homes, cosmetics, toiletries, personal computers, smartphones, and automobiles and are crafted using cutting-edge technologies that are embedded in the manufacturing processes.

Latest News About Shin Etsu

Downstream Process Of Amorphous Solid Dispersion

At Making Pharma 2024, Shilpa Mistry – our Head of Pharma across UK & Ireland – showcased some powerful ingredients for amorphous solid dispersions (ASDs). Let’s take a look at
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SmartEx® Plus: a New Co-Processed Excipient for Oral Disintegration Tablets

SmartEx® Plus is an exciting new co-processed excipient that has been developed by Japanese chemical company Shin-Etsu to meet the increased demand for oral disintegration tablets (ODTs), with the added
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Reducing nitrosamines in pharmaceutical formulations

There is growing concern over nitrosamines’ existence in pharmaceutical formulations. In this blog we explain the current issues with nitrosamines in pharmaceutical formulations, provide two possible solutions, and we also
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