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Chemlink Specialities & Addi-Tec are now...

HARKE UK & Ireland

Welcome to HARKE UK & Ireland

We are pleased to announce that as of 1 February 2024, Chemlink Specialities and Addi-Tec have merged and rebranded to become HARKE UK LP. 

Under the new HARKE UK brand, both companies will maintain their individual business units while expanding into new sectors, including Food, Basechem, and Pharma. This strategic move aims to fulfill the diverse needs of customers throughout the UK, Ireland and across Europe by expanding the range of products and services offered. 

There will be five divisions within HARKE UK:

  • HARKE Chemlink – covering personal care and HI&I
  • HARKE Addi-Tec – covering coatings, plastics and polymer ingredients and additives
  • HARKE Pharma – covering pharmaceuticals
  • HARKE Food – covering food ingredients and nutraceuticals
  • HARKE Basechem – covering base chemicals and agrochemicals

Within each of these business units, we will offer distribution, formulation, reformulation, regulatory advice, micro testing, product sourcing, excellent customer service and marketing support to our principals. To our customers, we offer a price, technical and service advantage over competitors. 

Services We Offer

Formulation Development

We offer excellence in technical service in many application areas including cosmetics, pharma & nutraceuticals, HI&I, agrocare, food and bas chemistry.

Sourcing & Sample Provision

If you’re having trouble tracking down a particular raw material we can help.

Micro Testing

Our microbiological testing service is co-ordinated by the expert technical team.

Performance Testing

Using specialist partners, Harke UK & Ireland can provide performance testing in many areas. For more information, please contact us.

Regulatory Advice

We can offer advice and data on MSDS and the move to CLP, European Legislation, BPR, REACH, Detergent and Cosmetic Regulations.

Our Team of Experts

Our team of experts consist of a variety of specialist professionals working at locations across the UK, briefly comprising:

  • A technical team based at our labs in Manchester, utilising over 50 years’ combined experience to offer formulation development, provide testing and regulatory advice.
  • A technical sales team of 12 covering the UK and Ireland, all coming from technical chemistry backgrounds, specilising in their own disciplines.
  •  Our warehouse team based in Halifax offering UK-based distribution for fast order turnaround times.
  • All supported by our head office team who handle enquiries, logistics, accounts, IT and supply chain.

Learn more about the HARKE GROUP by visiting the HARKE GROUP website here.

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